Fresh Baked was started back in the early 2000’s providing consistent access of clean cannabis to qualified patients. In those initial years we committed to ensuring that cannabis users had access to not only their meds... but high grade, hand curated, potent flowers. In this new exciting Adult use era, FRESH BAKED is cultivated by partner and Chief Cultivating Officer KRD (@krd_inc) who has spent 20+ years hunting, trading, and breeding, to refine our strain collection that has now become the FRESH BAKED stable of incomparable strains. All FRESH BAKED flowers are selected, hand watered, and stacked in our licensed facilities in Long Beach, CA. We will never package anything in FRESH BAKED, that hasn’t been grown on our farms, by our farmers. Our focus is on the flower and customer satisfaction. We maintain emphasis on consistently having the very best flower on any shelf at any time. No distractions, No gimmicks, and no over the top packaging to distract from the highest quality flowers. We are firm believers that sophistication lies in the simplicity. Enjoy! @fresh_baked_ / @freshbakedlb #wearelongbeachfarmers